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40 examples of creative and effective Email Marketing


See how some companies have achieved above average open and click rates with dozens of Email Marketing examples

Email Marketing will hardly lose its position as one of the most relevant Digital Marketing channels. This is a very versatile communication and relationship channel, with the potential to generate results in the acquisition, relationship and loyalty of your target audience. So how about knowing some examples of Email Marketing?

In practice, there are different formats and objectives for each email. They can focus on product offerings, share content, greeting cards, notices and more. Each of these formats must be sent for a specific occasion.

If you’re looking for examples to get inspired and create your own campaigns, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll have access to 40 different examples and an overview of what can – and what shouldn’t – be done.

PS: all examples presented here can be created or have complete templates available in RD Station Marketing’s Email Marketing functionality . You can take a free trial here and take advantage of the tool for this and several other Digital Marketing actions, such as Landing Pages creation, Lead generation, marketing automation and more!

All 40 Email Marketing Examples for Inspiration

Each example has its own characteristics. Therefore, choosing the best one will depend on the current objective of your Digital Marketing strategy .

In each of them, you’ll be able to see what can’t be missing in each model. To help with this work, Blue World City have divided all the examples into different categories, highlighted in each one’s title.

So let’s start!

1. Conversion Email – RD Station Marketing Template

The RD Station Marketing , a leading tool in Marketing Automation in Latin America, has several models ready Conversion Emails. These are the best options for distributing your offers, including a featured item, spaces to describe each one, and include the actions you want to encourage in your audience.

2. Course Launch Conversion Email – RD Station Marketing Template

Having an Email Marketing template with good conversion rates is essential for the education sector. Only then will we achieve good results, especially with online courses.

Therefore, the tip is to follow this model ready for the Launching of Courses ! Review the content of this example to think about the text of your email, including the call for the discount as well.

3. Conversion Email – RD Station eBook

How about knowing an example of ours? Here we use Conversion Emails to publicize releases and material offers. The main objective is to keep our Leads base updated with the news. In this example below, you can see the structure

4. Conversion Email – Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Marketing team uses conversion-focused Emails to make an offer following a CTA that contrasts with the overall layout of the email. This helps to get attention and increase the number of conversions.

5. Conversion Email – Conquer School

The Conquer School also uses Conversion Email to explore copywriting work very well .

Take the opportunity to see the details of the result of this email, which was created from RD Station Marketing, on Conquer’s success story .

6. Conversion Email – HSM

At the launch of a special issue of HSM magazine, the company, which uses RD Station Marketing to develop all of its email campaigns, had a conversion model that helped attract audiences to its premiere.

The results were positive in their audience segmentation: they were more than 35% open rate in the email with 13% of CTOR for those who are already a customer and 11% for the rest of the Leads base.

7. Conversion Email – Child to Child

The email marketing example below worked the context of an event well in clear text, taking the audience to an upcoming live. The final result was expressive: 46.6% of opening rate and 26.7% of CTOR.

8. Email Conversion – Cortex Intelligence

The Cortex Intelligence, which uses the RD Station Marketing to create their campaigns, shows how to have good results to download a material working with a strong visual impact as email CTA, bringing the entire offer context on top.

9. Welcome Email – RD Station Marketing Template

A welcome email should address two main points: be to the point and prioritize a short message with only the most relevant information. Below you can see the example that you can check and edit in RD Station Marketing.

An important note: make it clear in the message what action the user took to generate the email sending trigger.

10. Welcome Email – Rockstar Games

To have access to some basic features of your games, it is necessary to make a simple registration in Rockstar Social Club. Below is a great template to get inspired and build yours, sending it to contacts who perform some registration action in your campaigns.

11. Promotional Email – RD Station Marketing Template

Among the main templates ready and available for editing at RD Station Marketing, is the template below, for the Promotional campaign. With it you can already identify where to place your main images and calls.

12. Promotional Email – Clube do Malt

Our next example of Email Marketing is from Clube do Malte. The main promotion is highlighted right at the beginning of the email. This is an important detail because it makes it clear to the public which offer is the most relevant among all that are presented in the email.

13. Promotional Email for Infoproduct Sales – RD Station Marketing Template

For the sale of 100% digital products, the relationship through Email Marketing is one of the essential points to close new sales.

Here you have an email template that doesn’t just bring the value, offer and payment method. It also contextualizes the current moment in the audience’s journey.

14. Promotional Email – Flex Imóveis

The Flex Properties is a real estate consultant located in Marilia (SP) that you sent to your Leads base an email leading to the Landing Page to promote a property. The alternative found by the company to make people open and click on the message was to stimulate curiosity.

As the property is close to the Atlantic Forest, close to the sales shift, there were some toucans that the brokers showed for those who wanted to know the surroundings better. The title of the email had the following text: [name of person], how often do you see toucans?

15. Promotional Email – Chateau Blanc

As a furniture and decoration chain, Chateau Blanc knows the importance of investing in visual resources to promote its products on the internet.

Therefore, in addition to high-resolution images, the company — which has offices in Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and a virtual store — invests in GIFs to show more product options to the target audience in the same message.

16. Transactional Email – RD Station Marketing Template

Transactional Email needs to be straight to the point, delivering something that the public already expects after taking an action, with an impact CTA to avoid confusion. The following model maintains this pattern and is a great example of this category.

17. Transactional Email – RD Station eBook Delivery

The following template is what we send to all Leads that convert on the Landing Page of the Marketing Automation eBook. In addition to receiving a direct link to the material right after completing the form, we also send the Transactional Email to facilitate the work of those who need to access the material in the future.

18. Transactional Email – Confirmation of participation in RD Station event

Transactional emails are important for event calls. Details of days and times, essential for this type of action, need to appear in the email. In this case, the example shows that the content may be longer than the average for that category, but still effective within its intended purpose.

19. Transactional Email – Medway

Medway, a company offering courses in the medical field, understood the importance of holding lives to interact with its audience, as we saw in the success story published on our blog. And to ensure the presence of all subscribers, they used the transactional email model to alert the audience minutes before live broadcasts began.

20. Transactional Email for sending free classes – RD Station Marketing Template

Transactional Email can also be used for targeted actions, even if it is sent after performing a specific action.

Below you can see the example of an email that delivers a free class for those who have accessed the course page and have not yet made the purchase.

21. Informative Email – RD Station Marketing Template

The Newsletter Email template, also known as Newsletter, is another example present in RD Station Marketing available for editing. With it, you can include the content you want to highlight in the campaign.

22. Informative Email – Syhus Accounting

The Newsletter template from Syhus, an accounting office for startups, follows a simple but very effective template that you can use. In the example, look at the set formed by image + title + quick description + CTA. That’s a perfect sum to earn great click-through rates.

23. Newsletter e-Audit Email

In this example, we see that the Newsletter title makes it clear what the public will find when accessing the email. The model has a sequence of well-defined fields, with the initial highlight more contextualized and the other contents separated in the News Column section.

24. Informative Email – Pool Rescue

When you know that your contact base needs more direct guidance, try to develop a simple and short model.

With the template below, Pool Rescue achieved a 24% open rate with over 17% CTOR on fire.

25. Informative Email – Cortex Intelligence

Contextualizing the moment and making it clear what the public will find when accessing the content are key elements of the Email Marketing example that follows the most informative line.

With an open rate of 20%, it was clear how there is a public interest in the topic, as CTOR reached the excellent mark of 36%.


26. Informative Email – We Stuff

The We Stuff is an ecommerce creative items such as chargers, cell phone covers and speakers. In its emails, the store reflects the originality of the products it sells: as it is aimed at young people, the messages are loaded with GIFs, unicorns and emojis.

The concern with the look is combined with links to informative posts, which are of interest to the brand’s target audience: among the last emails sent are tips for traveling cheaply, suggestions for photo editing applications, among others.


27. Informative Email – Reivax

The Reivax is a Florianópolis company that works with equipment for hydropower. Among its prospects are large companies such as hydroelectric plants.

Reivax’s goal with Email Marketing was to promote its products to the Leads it already had, making the brand grow and beat the competitor. The company had tested the newsletter format but didn’t get the desired results.

The idea, then, was to create a story that would attract attention. But without delivering the gold, to induce the click as well. The result? 43% open and 57% convert.

28. Informative Email – Bok2

When we write a blog post or any other type of text, the first paragraph usually takes a lot of time, and it’s not just because of writer’s block. We know that the first sentences are decisive: if the reader is not interested right away, he will not read the content until the end.

This rule also applies to Email Marketing. After the title, the beginning of the text is the most important element, and you can use it to further pique Lead’s curiosity.

That’s why the email sent by the Bok2 printing platform is a good example. Sent to a base of people interested in publishing their own books, the text begins with a thought-provoking question.

29. Special Email – RD Station Marketing Template – Mother’s Day

The main commemorative dates of the year work as great triggers for sending a Special Email. And at RD Station Marketing you will find this editable template for the dissemination of offers on Mother’s Day.


30. Special Email – RD Station Marketing Template – Mother’s Day Message

On Mother’s Day, several brands wish to send only a loving message to their audience. Below is an example of how you can do it in Email Marketing.

31. Special Email – Nausea – Mother’s Day

Special dates are already associated with a very important element in closing sales: the discount coupon!

This is an action more than recommended for Mother’s Day, and this example shows how the Enjoei team performed successfully, opting for relaxed text, GIFs and the offers already selected by category.

32. Special Email – RD Station Marketing Template – Black Friday

For any business, Black Friday is a milestone in the annual deal calendar. And having an Email Marketing model aimed at this date is essential, making it clear what your promotions are. The following template is another customizable RD Station Marketing.

33. Special Email – RD Station Marketing Template – Christmas Message

A date that cannot pass your company’s communication with customers is Christmas. So count on a visually rich template to strengthen your email message.

34. Special Email – RD Station Marketing Template – Christmas Content

The best thing about commemorative dates is that you can also produce a Special Email that goes beyond the already known messages, adapting the model to combine the moment with content distribution or to generate conversions.

35. Email for Ecommerce – RD Station Marketing Template

Email Marketing actions for Ecommerce are important in several different actions, whether to engage, send promotions or even reduce the number of abandoned carts.

With this editable example, present in RD Station Marketing, you can customize the fields and advertise your products or offers.

36. Email for Ecommerce – Lohn Bier

Depending on the type of product sold, the description of the products makes all the difference for eCommerce purchases. Below you can see the example template used by Lohn Bier, joining the image of the products, description and price to strengthen the CTA.

37. Email for Ecommerce – RD Station Marketing Template – Early Black Friday

When we talk about Email for Ecommerce, there is a very valuable possibility to combine special dates with personalized campaigns. And one of the actions you can count on is the advance notice of Black Friday, already delivering a personalized coupon to your customer base.

38. Email for Ecommerce – King of Alliances

Working with mental triggers is another important factor within Emails for E-commerce. And the King of Alliances Email Marketing model manages to unite this strategy with an important date like Christmas.

39. Email for inactive users – RD Station

After some time, it’s common to see a part of Leads and customers stop engaging with their emails – we work to avoid that. This negative result doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t make an attempt to get them back.

The number 1 rule of inactive customers to emails is making an interesting offer, which again awaken the interest to follow your mail. This offer must be aligned with the characteristics of the public that will receive the communication and with an adequate frequency, as in the example below.

40. Email for inactive users – Estêvão Soares

Closing our list of examples, we have an important one, which works with information about the duration of a class or course. In these cases, it is necessary to identify the base of contacts that is inactive and develop a template that works well with the issue of urgency.

Step by step to create an Email that works using RD Station Marketing

Using the Email Marketing examples in no way excludes the need for you to make adaptations to your campaigns. What will make your company stand out is the correct use of email, that is, using the right type of email for the right purpose.

So, check now the necessary steps to create your Emails using the leading tool in Marketing Automation in Latin America: RD Station Marketing!

1. Choose the purpose

To create an email, select Relate → Email → Create email. Then choose the purpose of your email:

  • E-mail marketing;
  • A/B Test for Email Subject;
  • Automation Model/Flow.

If necessary, it is possible to modify the purpose of the email after starting the editing.

2. Choose the template

In this tab, choose the template (layout) of your email. In RD Station Marketing, you have the opportunity to choose between Basic or Thematic models, as we have seen throughout the material. In addition to these options, you can import the HTML of your ready-made email via public URL or write pure HTML code. See the difference between each model:

  • Basic: pre-diagrammed templates designed to streamline your email structuring;
  • Themed: these are ready-to-use models for specific occasions, such as commemorative dates;
  • My Saved Templates: these are templates that have the Model/Flow automation purpose, regardless of whether they are being used in any flow or not;
  • Import via URL: You can import an externally created email template for use on the RD Station Marketing platform. Pay attention to the tips provided by RD Station Marketing on this tab so that your creation is compatible with the platform;
  • Write HTML code: In this section you can write or paste HTML code from your email template. Here, it is also important to pay attention to the tips provided by RD Station Marketing so that your creation is compatible with the platform:

3. Edit name or purpose

Edit the name or purpose of an already created email in the email edit panel. Click on the name of the campaign, as shown in the image:

When you click, a window will appear where you can change the name of the email and/or also its purpose: Email marketing; A/B test for email subject; Automation Model/Flow. See the image below:

The setting is valid for emails that are in draft or that are Templates/Flows. For campaign emails that have already been sent, there is no way to change the name and purpose.

4. Edit the content

When editing content, you are free to define the Components of your email and its Appearance.

You can insert Text, Image, Button (CTA), Splitter and Image + Text components. On the Appearance tab, you can edit text, images, colors and language of your email. Also, this is where you can edit the Header and Footer and insert files for download.

It is in the Appearance tab that you can insert variables into the body of your email. You can enter variables from standard fields and custom fields created in RD Station Marketing. To do this, just select the text box in which you want to insert the variable and choose as shown in the image below:

You can also use variables in Email Subjects by selecting the variable directly in the Subject box:

5. Choose email recipients

In this step, you must select the Leads that will receive this email. You can choose to Send to selected Lead Segmentation lists or Send to the entire Leads base.

When choosing your Recipients, RD Station Marketing will show the engagement status of the selected Leads.

If you have chosen to create an email to insert as a step in an automation flow, it is not necessary to configure the Recipients. You go directly to the Summary tab.

6. Review the abstract

This step is for you to review and/or edit the settings you made in your email. When a configuration is not made or is wrong, RD Station Marketing signals and you have the opportunity to make the correction before confirming the sending of the email.

In the example below, there is a problem in the Whitelabel configuration with the email that was configured as the campaign sender

Remember not to skip this step! As perfect as the email looks after you’ve finished editing, small tweaks may appear that you’ll only be able to notice during the review.

7. Send test email

Before sending the email to the selected recipients, you can send a test email to your address or any address you like to see how the leads will receive the message.

To do this, just click on Send test email in the Summary tab of the email editor and enter the desired address.

The sending limit for test emails happens according to the contracted plan.

Attention: To send a test email, please correct the items that appear with the red icon on the Summary screen, if any.

8. Configure shipping

Lastly, you must configure your campaign submission. You can send it automatically or schedule it for another time. There is also the option to just save the email to configure the sending later.

Attention: For reasons of good practice, ethics and legal, the use of the opt-out (option to unsubscribe from an email list) is mandatory. Therefore, it is not possible to edit/delete the unsubscribe message in the footer of the emails created in RD Station Marketing.