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Actions to improve your Black Friday campaigns and sell more


Black Friday is a great opportunity for your company to close the year with a flourish, so it’s very important to start thinking about your campaigns now

How are your Black Friday campaigns for 2020? One of the main dates for Brazilian e-commerce takes place on November 27th and the expectation is that it will generate revenues as good as 2019, which was around R$ 3.2 billion, an increase of more than 23% compared to 2018.

The date is approaching, so you should start preparing as soon as possible. In this post, we’ve separated some actions for those who want to get ahead of themselves, but also for those who will need to leave it to the last minute. Evaluate our suggestions and put them into practice at the ideal time for your company.

Keep reading the post to see how to sell more with your Black Friday campaigns with the actions Blue World City have separated for your business!

First of all: is Black Friday for my company?

Do you work with very specific services or products? No problem. The most common, due to the number of players, is to see shares of B2C companies and large Ecommerces during Black Friday and this can generate this little insecurity. In fact, it is sales aimed at the end consumer that move the most money that day.

But what about B2B businesses, can they benefit from Black Friday campaigns? Yea! If you sell to other companies, you can also make offers. Here at RD, for example, we already offer a discount on a subscription to RD Station Marketing, our Digital Marketing software, on some Black Fridays.

In complex sales companies – as is our case – the promotion announcement can be an opportunity to reactivate contacts who gave up on the purchase, in addition to speeding up negotiations that are stuck in the sales process. And, also, to attract people who were already interested in the product and who end up closing deals with a sales cycle faster than usual.

Decided to create campaigns for Black Friday? Prepare your structure! 

It is common for websites to crash during Black Friday, as many companies hire shared server plans or with access limits that end up filling up due to the high traffic.

To avoid problems it is important that you know the technical capacity of your platform. Find out how much traffic you will be able to receive, as shared hosting may not handle spikes.

It is necessary to talk with the hosting company to assess whether it is necessary to increase the plan in the period and how to proceed to do so.

Learn more about this in the post How to choose the best hosting for your company’s website.

Below, we’ve separated some other structure tips for your company already preparing your Black Friday campaigns and not having any unpleasant surprises on the date.

Have the website in HTTPS

Since 2017, Google has made it clearer that it doesn’t like insecure sites, advocating the adoption of HTTPS. When a website address starts with HTTPS and not the previous HTTP, it means that the page has the SSL/TLS certificate.

This certificate is responsible for validating the website and encrypting information that the user sends or receives from it. This makes the visitor more protected.

In Google Chrome, websites that have adopted the feature have a padlock at the beginning of the address bar.

Those who have not adopted it may display an unsafe website warning when the user tries to access the page, especially those that ask for personal information, from email to credit card number.

If your site doesn’t have the certificate yet, it’s worth pursuing before starting your Black Friday campaigns, as the unsecured site ad can scare away your potential buyers.

Pay special attention to checkout pages where the user needs to provide sensitive information.

And the problems go beyond the date, as the tendency is for the search engine to also prioritize safe pages as a ranking factor.

Analyze data from previous years to understand what awaits you

If your company has participated in other editions of Black Friday, you probably have very relevant data that can be explored, aiming at optimizing results in the current year.

Data such as the number of sales and revenue earned are important parameters for you to set realistic goals for the current year.

Likewise, other statistics such as the number of simultaneous accesses and audience interaction on social media are other indicators for you to analyze. As mentioned above, it is essential to maintain a solid structure so that your website does not fall if it receives a very high number of visits. You also need to be prepared to interact in real-time with potential buyers.

Also analyze if the keywords that were used in the past brought positive results, content strategies, and media used for promotion. It’s a good time to let go of what didn’t work and keep testing what worked.

Anyway, the secret is to use this history to try to predict future actions. Study consumer behavior over the past year to better leverage the sales opportunity, and target the right persona with greater precision.

Review and adjust the stock

Another thing to think about before starting your Black Friday campaigns is the inventory. Thus, it is possible to see, among the products or services that your company offers, which ones can be promoted or which are highly sought after and can attract customers. Do you need more products or is your inventory in line with the sales projection for the date?

For an important date like this, it is essential that you review your stock to avoid problems, for example selling 10 pieces but only being able to send 7 of them due to a stock error. It happens.

The expectation for the date is high, and you shouldn’t disappoint your customers by not having the product they want.

In addition, analyze the profit margin and negotiate special conditions with suppliers, as, if there is no structural, logistical, and financial planning, the company may have a loss.

Then, after selecting the products that will be offered at a discount, see the quantities of each of them in your stock.

And don’t forget to take the offer off the air when the product is finished!

Prepare offers and dissemination strategy in advance

Make a strategic plan, evaluating which products will be put on sale, what will be the discount offered, how many emails will be sent, etc.

To choose these products, we recommend the following strategies:

  • Those with the greatest margin for discount,
  • The ones that are stopped in stock
  • And “bait” products – cheap products that sell well and are a gateway to other sales.

If you offer a course or some other online product that is scalable – ones where, unlike a physical product, there is no high cost of production – these are always good offers.

Once the offers are defined, make a dissemination strategy.

Focusing on your goals, design the beginning, middle and end of your strategy. Evaluate which channels your campaign should appear on, for example. After all, d and no use to offer good products or services if your audience does not become aware of it.

Seek to understand your results

For sales marketing analyst Danielle Andrade, from Any market platform, which integrates marketplaces and e-commerce, the first step to start structuring your Black Friday campaigns is to look at the market and understand what it is wanting. After a recent edition of the date, the company he works for conducted a survey with the Leads database to understand the main doubts.

“In the survey, many shopkeepers expressed satisfaction with Black Friday and confirmed that, by analyzing the results, they are correcting errors and seeking to achieve the same results and even double them,” he says. She believes that “tidying the house” is a fundamental step for the entire strategy to work.

According to Danielle, analyzing what went right and what went wrong in the strategies used in previous Black Friday campaigns can also help in making decisions about what to do in the current year.

It is interesting, in the weeks before Black Friday, to create expectations of good deals and start working with one of the main characteristics of the date: the urgency to close a deal or make a purchase on that specific day.

It is also important to start preparing the images of the products that will be offered on the date, both so that you don’t need to rush at the last minute and to avoid mistakes and announce wrong values. This way, people know that there will be discounts and are able to plan the purchases they want to make.

Have a SAC prepared

It is quite common for people to have peculiar questions that are not in the product description. Have an open channel so that customers or potential customers can clarify them, this transmits security in online shopping!

Also remember: it is important to always serve the customer in the best way possible. Being Customer First is part of a primordial culture for the good growth of a company, and a key that we always like to hit here at Resultados Digitais. To learn more about the topic, read our posts on Customer Success.

However, Black Friday may require your company to pay even more attention to customers. This is because the competition is huge, and there is a high chance that the customer will opt for another option if he tries to contact your company and does not get an answer.

If campaigns start at midnight, have a team on duty from the hour or even before. This is one of the most critical moments of Black Friday, as many consumers prepare to buy in the first hours in an attempt to take advantage of the stock.

It is also important to rotate on-call teams throughout the day.

So, is everything ready for Black Friday? Then check out our tips to sell even more on the date!

Actions for your Black Friday campaigns that can be done earlier

1. Renew your Leads base and send information about Black Friday

It is important to attract new Leads and renew your base before the date. For that, you can make rich content, update some old material, or co-market with another company.

Afterward, let your Leads and Customers base know that the company will participate in Black Friday. People take advantage of the day to buy products they already wanted but found too expensive. However, a lot of people can forget the date.

2. Create a specific Landing Page for Black Friday

A good strategy to put in place before starting your Black Friday campaigns is to create a common Landing Page or a specific Sales Page type Landing Page to capture the contact of people interested in knowing what your company’s offers are. Making this page is a way to encourage “act now”.

You can put a notice of limited stock on the Landing Page, for example, where, by leaving your contact, the visitor will know before everyone else about the promotions or will receive an offer like “Email only, we will start sales at a discount now Thursday night”.

Just think that hundreds of other stores will email you on Friday morning. Reaching out before Friday who has already signed up can be a good strategy to differentiate yourself.

Want inspiration for your Black Friday Landing Page? The RD Station Marketing has a special and customizable Landing Page template for the date. Start your free trial and check it out.

3. Choose the channels you will use and create a publishing schedule

With the offers defined, it’s time to start planning by which means they will be publicized. To do this, use the channels that work best for your audience. Are social networksEmailGoogle Ads? Your Black Friday campaigns can be on multiple channels.

Knowing this, you will be able to make a publication schedule, defining when each piece will air and how much time you need to produce each one, and start making promotional images for social media, retargeting banners, CTAs for the website, etc.

You’ll also be able to calculate the lead time for approvals and changes and for the production of complex formats, such as videos and animations, which need more time to be produced.

4. Set a budget and make a paid media plan

Will you work with influencers? Boost your publications? For how long? This is the time to think through all the details.

At this stage, define how much the company intends to invest, what is the expected ROI, how much it will invest in each channel and for how long. It is also important to set aside part of the budget for unforeseen events.

There are many options, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube. It’s good to advertise on more than one channel, but remember to define what your objective is in each of them and if your target audience is there.

5. Determine the metrics for your Black Friday stocks

Metrics are directly related to the performance of the business and can even point out problems or opportunities, as well as give more security to decisions. Define which metrics you will analyze and which will determine whether or not your strategy was successful.

In the marketing area — mainly in e-commerce — it is common to evaluate, among others, the number of visitors; the conversion rates of opportunities, Leads, and sales; the customer acquisition cost (CAC) ; cart abandonment; and the average ticket.

By understanding the numbers related to your customer’s purchasing process, you can know exactly what needs to be improved and rethink specific actions for optimization.

6. Be honest and make real discounts

Black Friday, despite offering valuable discounts to the consumer, has also been the target of jokes on account of companies that took advantage of the moment with bad faith campaigns, increasing the value of products to increase the value of discounts.

Parodies such as “Black Fraud” and “Everything Half Double” were already widespread on the internet in previous years, and this has alerted consumers.

There are websites that monitor prices throughout the year, which consumers can use to understand if there is a discount or if the discount is faked.

In order not to suffer negative consequences on social media or Complain Here, be honest with your customer. Offer real discounts to win him over and keep him loyal. Remember that a satisfied customer can return to make other purchases on your website or even expose their satisfaction on social networks, generating free social proof for your business.

Actions for Black Friday campaigns for those who left for the last minute

7. Make retargeting ads

Not everyone who sees an ad for the first time makes the purchase. But advertising again to those who have already shown an interest can remind them of your offer.

You can remarket both to those who have visited a particular page as well as to those who have placed a product in the cart, but have not completed the purchase.

On Black Friday, this technique has a special appeal, as you can advertise the products that people are interested in at a big discount, attracting their interest.

Place the remarketing pixel throughout your site, if you don’t have it. You can also create remarketing lists by category and by-product, if applicable. The idea here is, on the day, to show specific offers for targeted audiences and increase the conversion rate.

You can also drive traffic directly to the Landing Page of your Black Friday campaigns (this, by the way, is a general rule of paid media: never direct the visitor to the site’s home, but to specific pages, be it Landing Page or product page).

8. Boost your offers

Take advantage of proximity to boost your offerings through Instagram and Facebook ads.

Diversify your repertoire and use different ad formats by inserting them into the news feed, right sidebar on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But don’t put it off on Black Friday! As many people advertise on the date, competition is high and the cost per click ( CPC ) tends to be much more expensive.

9. Create an event on Facebook

Create a save-the-date-style event on Facebook and post it on the fan page for your followers to confirm attendance. That way, they will be notified when the offers start.

Through the page, you can also send other notifications to warm up your potential buyers. Take the opportunity to show the products that will be on sale on Black Friday.

10. Update the covers of your pages on social media

The proximity of Black Friday calls for the cover and profile photos of their social networks to have an impactful art.

Take advantage of Facebook’s features, for example, to insert videos in the cover image and attract the attention of your followers.

11. Put the date as an item on the website menu

Insert a Black Friday link in your website menu. It should lead to a page containing all your offers to date.

This is a good way to publicize your Black Friday campaigns, as everyone who visits your site will know that you are going to participate in the promotions.

12. Make some offers with Black Friday price now

Some stores often advance their Black Friday campaigns, starting a few days or weeks before the official date.

These ecommerces have extended the date to the entire month of November, calling it Black Month or Black November and posting discount offers in advance.

13. Give customers the option to favorite products

An action that can be very interesting for your ecommerce customers is to give them the possibility to create a list of favorite products . The action works as a kind of alert. As soon as the price of the product drops, the customer is notified by email.

Some large ecommerces, such as Americanas, make these options available through their own application. If your online store does not have an application, you can still give this alternative to the customer within the site or create Landing Pages targeted to different categories of products.

14. Send an email campaign with pre-offers

If you are going to start your Black Friday campaigns only on November 27th, you can start sending an email a few days before the promotions start, sharing your most attractive offers. That way, people will know in advance and will plan.

15. Schedule your Email Marketing campaigns for Black Friday day

Produce your email texts and schedule them some time in advance. It’s interesting to use strong, impactful colors to match the date’s appeal.

In addition, another strategic point of Black Friday is the schedule. Evaluate which one is more interesting. It could be midnight, Thursday to Friday; on Thursday night; early Friday morning.

Once the offers and content have been defined, prepare lists of targeting people who have already shown interest in a certain product category, buying or visiting the site. Targetings can also be defined from products related to previous purchases, such as an upgrade of purchased products, for example.

These campaigns must be prepared in advance and, above all, tested. Can you imagine sending an email with the wrong value or with a broken link? Also make sure that Email Marketing templates are responsive.

16. Put an exit popup on your website

Exit pop-ups (or exit intent pop-ups) are only triggered when the visitor moves the mouse outside the navigation area of ​​the page. Thus, they are perfect for making an offer you can’t refuse, which won’t let the user leave empty-handed.

Black Friday, therefore, is a great opportunity to install an exit popup on your website. Offer a good discount, no doubt your visitor will click through.

17. Have a successful plan for your Black Friday campaigns

So you don’t forget any details of your Black Friday campaign, we recommend that you make a success plan, which is nothing more than a checklist with the necessary actions that your business needs to do.

That’s why, at RD Station Marketing, we created two focused success plans for Black Friday. The Success Plan is a functionality within the platform that seeks to guide users of the tool on what actions to take for a campaign with good results and which can be customized according to the objectives of each company.

Avoid the bad practices of Black Friday

When Black Friday arrived in Brazil, the bad practices of some companies caused revolt in consumers. This is because some stores increased the price in the weeks before the date and then decreased it, giving a false impression of a discount, making customers pay “half double”.

As a result, tools such as the Black Friday Legal seal and Buscapé’s Black Friday preparation site emerged. They are re-released annually, and allow consumers to monitor prices over the past few months and identify the real decrease in the product’s value.

To avoid bad practices, think about creating real promotions that you can comply with. Offering unplanned discounts can put you at a loss. Misleading promotions will ruin your brand’s credibility.

Thus, a suggestion by Anymarket’s marketing coordinator, Ana Maria Cimadon Garcia, is for the shopkeeper to “negotiate with suppliers, calculate their prices correctly and offer real and attractive discounts”.