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How to do Digital Marketing on Instagram? See tips to succeed on the social network


To do Digital Marketing on Instagram you need to publish quality content that makes sense to your audience, in addition to analyzing the results and implementing improvements

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This phrase has never had such force on social media as on Instagram.

There are more than 1 billion active users globally on the social network, according to data from Instagram itself, which places it in fifth place among the most used in the world, losing only to Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and WeChat. In Brazil alone, there are almost 100 million profiles.

In addition to being a full plate for users, who can publish in various formats, such as photo, videos, Stories, Reels and live broadcasts, Instagram is also gaining space among businesses that seek to reach out to this large number of people, your target audience.

Proof of this is that in January 2020, for example, the site was the second most used by marketers for campaigns, only behind Facebook.

Because of all this, Instagram is a great channel to do Digital Marketing. If you are in doubt about how to use the social network in the best way to reach your audience, promote your products and services and convert your visitors into sales, follow the article and know some tips for Digital Marketing on Instagram!

Instagram Digital Marketing Strategy: Which Companies Should Do?

Before getting into the Digital Marketing tips on Instagram, it’s worth reflecting on whether it makes sense for your business to be present on this social network.

For this, it is necessary, first, to understand how the public uses the network. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, it is common to find people looking for information (in addition to news pages, blogs and technical communities from different areas often have a large audience). On Instagram, on the other hand, this doesn’t usually happen. The appeal is very visual and you need to understand what your company’s goals fit into the way the network is used.

Here at RD, for example, we use our Instagram to publicize blog posts, rich materials and other relevant content for Digital Marketing and sales professionals, but not only that: we take advantage of the social network to publish open positions, showing our behind the scenes and disseminating the company culture, which also contributes to attracting talent.

For bars and restaurants, for example, the path is different. These establishments are able to show the dishes, the people who frequent the place, the posters of upcoming events, and, thus, they use Instagram for their core business in a very natural way.

The most important thing is to fit your message to the medium. You must try to understand the intersection between your company’s goals and what can be done through images and videos that are interesting to this audience. In some cases this is obvious, for others it is not so obvious, and for some, the network would make little sense. There is no ready-made answer, but a reflection that must be done by each business.

To reach a conclusion, it helps a lot to know and actually research your different audiences, analyze how companies in your market are using the social network and put creativity to work, finding ways to match all of this with your goals. company.

The Importance of Instagram for Business

Before any Digital Marketing tip on Instagram, it’s important that you get to know Instagram for Business, or Instagram for business, which consists of a set of tools that allow businesses to have a business profile, create ads and access insights about followers on social network.

Having a business profile on Instagram is essential to start doing Digital Marketing on the social network. For this, you need to have a Facebook fan page connected to an Instagram profile with at least 100 followers.

Thus, it is possible to know the gender, age, location and times when their followers most access the application and discover the reach and engagement of each publication. Much more professional than a common profile on the network, do you agree?

It is important to pay attention to these metrics to understand which content is of most interest to your audience and to know how people are engaging with your profile.

If you don’t have a professional Instagram profile yet, read the Instagram for Business: what it is and how to have an Instagram profile for businesses and create your own before reading the tips!

What type of post is best for my business?

Now that you’ve thought about whether investing in Digital Marketing on Instagram makes sense for your company or not, let’s see some publishing possibilities that can be done.

1. Show your backstage

How are your products made? Images of the manufacturing process can add interesting value to your sale and bring more information to those who buy. Do you provide services? What is your way of working? Answering these questions will provide enough information to generate the content and ensure engagement.

2. Tell a story

Create posts that link one image to another. Series with different themes connect the user and create a storyline that leads to the content and makes your followers wait for more.

3. Say where you are

Is your business local and in need of visits? This can be a good way for people to know where you are. In your images, in addition to the caption, make use of geolocation. If the company has multiple branches or franchises, this is a good way to show where they are. Another alternative is to register the company’s presence at events or lectures to generate credibility.

4. Use images with text

Short sentence, quick read and clean layout. Images with text can be a great reason to share. Phrases by celebrities (as long as they are authorized or of public nature) aligned with your business, catchphrases or catchy content are good ways to use the image with text. But be careful with the subtitle, it needs to be an extension of your sentence and not a repetition of it.

What’s the best time to post to Instagram?

The best times to post on Instagram are generally as follows:

  • Saturday at 2pm;
  • Wednesday at 5 pm;
  • Thursday at 5 pm and Sunday at 8 pm (for some segments such as education and technology)

Blue World City tried to bring this answer to answer the question objectively, but remember that this can vary depending on the behavior of your followers.

So, ask the question: what are my consumer’s habits? How does he behave in relation to my business? If you have a restaurant that is only open at lunchtime, keeping posts at 11am might be a good option.

If your company works with leisure services, for example, posts on Saturdays or Sundays can bring more results than on weekdays.

Learn to make good use of hashtags in your Instagram Digital Marketing

The famous hashtags are keywords that determine the subject of the post. Using the right hashtags can give your photos great exposure, being one of the main strategies for users to find your profile. But be aware: it needs to be public, otherwise, all your effort will be useless.

We have separated 5 simple and efficient tips on how to use hashtags.

1. Be careful when creating hashtags

You can add numbers to hashtags if you like, but don’t use spaces or special characters (such as *, $ or %).

  • Good example: #resultadosdigitais
  • Bad example: #%digital results

two . no more, no less

Putting several hashtags in a single publication will not make it more attractive and may even scare off new followers due to exaggeration. According to Instagram itself, the ideal for each image is to have between one and three hashtags, with five being an acceptable limit

3. Look for hashtags that relate to your context

Using broad or hot hashtags can cause your images to fall into a sea of ​​information and not be found. Look for the ones that most relate to your context. Studying your followers and competitors can be a good start for inserting your hashtags.

4. Create your own hashtag

Don’t think that just because the hashtag is yours that people will use it. Put a context where it can be used—an engagement action, a promotion, or hitchhiking in an offline campaign, for example. Having your hashtag also helps to measure the results of your campaign.

How to get new followers on Instagram?

Gaining more followers is a common desire among those starting to invest in Instagram. But it is important not to resort to techniques such as buying followers but to invest in getting organic followers on the social network.

Also, getting followers shouldn’t be the only strategy. You need to combine it with tactics to ensure these people’s engagement with your publications.

With the exceptions, check out the tips!

1. Publish quality content

Your photos and videos need to be quality and count. Remember: your image is on a timeline with dozens of others competing for the attention of those on the cell phone looking for some information or even distracted. Add good images, but always with a space of time between one post and another.

2. follow back

It’s good to know what your followers do on Instagram and a good way out is to follow the profiles to get new ideas, discover their preferences and make new posts even closer to your target audience.

3. Interact with followers

Every interaction needs a membership. When posting a comment on a photo try to put yourself in the following situation: you are in a meeting of friends and you are going to join a conversation that is already happening. Make sure your comment is in context and never push the envelope to create a dialogue — this, in addition to being impertinent, can convey the image of a boring salesperson.

4. Search for competitors

There are definitely big brands (and small ones too) that are doing a great job on Instagram. Search, find out which posts have the most comments and likes, save the images and use them as inspiration for yours.

Be careful not to make “copies” (an image with a similar sentence, for example) or use the same theme in the same week as your competitor, this may seem like plagiarism.

5. Share your profile on other networks

Instagram, like other social networks, has means for dissemination. Insert a banner promoting your profile on your website or blog, comment on Twitter, make several posts on Facebook. Using all these resources, in addition to social network partners (profiles in your area with many followers, for example) and press relations are valid ways to make your profile grow.

  • Learn more: 7 tips to gain more followers on the company’s Instagram

How to use videos on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to upload videos of up to 60 seconds to the feed. For longer videos, you need to upload to IGTV , which allows audiovisual content up to 15 minutes long (or 60 minutes for some accounts). In this second case, it is possible to publish a preview in the feed, calling the user to watch the full video on IG TV.

Whichever option is chosen, it is a fact that the first few seconds of the video are essential to draw the user’s attention, who have a timeline available with countless distractions.

When creating your video, be careful with editing. Didn’t it look good? Do and redo until satisfactory. It’s your company’s image at stake, so the more quality, the better. You can edit the video, apply filters and choose a good cover image. Keep in mind that it is the main attraction of your video, it is what will lead to the click of play.

We’ve selected some ideas to boost your videos:

1. DIY

DIY comes from the acronym “do it yourself” or, in Portuguese, “do it yourself” (free translation). The idea here is to make the user get their hands dirty and create something. There are thousands of DIY available to be inspired, some of them may be the perfect solution to generate content for your business. In a few seconds it is possible to demonstrate a beginning of the process or parts of it and forward it to the blog or YouTube channel.

2. Instruction manual

You can create a video that replaces instruction manuals. Tips to use the products in a better way or to maximize the use of a software can be a way out. Editing a walkthrough on topics is also a good way to better explain the use of your product.

3. Quick Tips

You have short, valuable time to give a tip that makes a difference to your audience. Information drops are often better received by the user who already has a lot of information in front of him due to the dynamics of the social network. Make collections of tips and maintain branding, either by theme or by group of tips, to facilitate the unity of content.

Take advantage of the other formats available on Instagram

In recent years, the social network has launched a number of other possibilities, such as creating ads, Stories, Reels and live streams. Remember to explore them in your Instagram Digital Marketing strategy! Below, we bring some tips for each of them.

Instagram Ads

Through Instagram Ads, it is possible to serve ads in both the feed and Instagram Stories, using photo, video and carousel formats with a sequence of photos or videos. Through the platform, it is possible to generate Leads, brand recognition and achieve other goals for your company.

Instagram Stories

Stories are already a well-known resource for brands and today they are essential for those who do Digital Marketing on Instagram. posts that disappear after 24 hours can be used for various purposes, such as making offers, showing behind the scenes of the company… The idea, as the name of the tool suggests, is to tell a story. it can be your day to day or how your products are made.

This “real life” feature brought by Stories, less elaborate than the feed, for example, is a good way to humanize and bring the public closer to your company, gaining interest and trust.

Over the years, Stories, launched in 2016, included several possibilities. Today you can interact with the public through polls, polls and a question box, just to name a few. If you meet some prerequisites, you can include links in Instagram Stories (the famous “drag up”).


Instagram has never denied inspiration from the successful features of other apps. It was like that with Instagram Stories, inspired by Snapchat, and with the latest Reels, created in the wake of the success of the TikTok app.

The launch of Reels was announced in 2020 with the purpose of bringing a new way to create short and fun videos on the social network. Content can be up to 15 seconds long, with audio and video effects. If the format makes sense to your audience, it might be a good idea to explore it.


The lives of Instagram are another possibility to connect with followers. It is possible to perform alone or invite others, including the audience.

This is a good option to further explore themes in your market, present new releases, broadcast events and, in general, get closer to your followers. You can also do interviews, show behind the scenes, share news firsthand, answer users’ questions.

But remember: don’t turn on the camera without a set script, as this can make the presentation dull for the viewer. Create a script including the main points that will be covered, to follow a rationale and not leave any details.

This also gives more confidence to the person making the presentation. Also remember to take care of the scenery and take care of the lighting. Finally, consider what time your audience is online.

Remember that the tips do not stop there. Instagram is always updating its algorithm and its features. Therefore, it is important to constantly inform yourself to stay in the know.